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Engine & Powertrain RV Warranty

Motorhome Warranty Coverage: Engine and Powertrain Protection

Many Motorhome owners come to us with heavy concerns about the most expensive items on their coach, namely the Engine and Powertrain components. For these customers we are happy to offer a Engine and Powertrain Only Motorhome Extended Warranty. This is a great RV Warranty option for the shopper who is on a budget, but wants to safeguard themselves from the priciest possible repair bills on their motorhome. Engine and Powertrain Coverage is the perfect way to protect your RVing budget from incurring huge costs, like the $10,000 average repair bill for a gas engine failure, which jumps to a $30,000 repair bill on popular diesel engines.

This type of Motorhome Extended Warranty coverage would typically offer breakdown protection on the following component groups:

Engine Components: a motorhome warranty for just the engine and powertrain will cover items such as your intake and exhaust manifolds, valve springs and guides, rocker arms, oil pumps, and other internally lubricated parts of the engine.

Transmission/Transfer Case Components: your engine and powertrain motorhome extended warranty would also cover transmission items including torque converters, internal linkages, oil pans, coolers, and other internally lubricated parts.

Drive Axle Components (Front and Rear): an engine and powertrain Motorhome warranty is also a great way to protect your drive axle, including items such as axle shifts, drive shafts, universal joints, and other internally lubricated parts.

Seals and Gaskets: regardless of the level of coverage you’re interested in, it is always a great idea to purchase an Motorhome Extended warranty policy that does include seals and gaskets coverage for all covered items. These items come into play often with Engine failures, and you won’t want to be caught without Seals and Gaskets Coverage!

An Engine and Powertrain RV Warranty may save you from paying repair prices such as:

Engine and Powertrain RV Warranties

To get an idea of how much an Engine and Powertrain RV Warranty might cost you, request a free quote by clicking here. One of our helpful RV Warranty Specialists will get in touch with you to help you choose the best coverage options for your vehicle.