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Auto Coverage Frequently Asked Questions

Your Auto Service Contract Questions Answered

Why should I have an Extended Service Contract for my car or truck?

An Auto Extended Service Contract is an affordable solution to the high cost of breakdowns on today’s cars and trucks. With Auto Protection, you’re able to pass the risk of high repair bills onto your contract provder. The modernization of automobiles has created vehicles that are much more costly to repair or replace, resulting in high labor costs and pricey parts. A vehicle service cotnract gives you peace of mind that the car you count on every day is protected!

What type of Auto Coverage do you offer?

At Wholesale Warranties, we will match you up with the auto policy that best fits your needs and budget. The options available to you will be based on your age, mileage, and eligibility, but include a wide array of coverage levels such as Exclusionary Coverage, Listed Component packages of many types, and even Powertrain Only coverage. For more details on which policy is right for you, request your free Auto Service Contract quote today, or contact our Auto Warranty Specialists by phone at 800-939-2806.

Will an Auto Service Contract pay for labor, too?

Absolutely! Our Car and Truck Protection products are designed to pick up the costs of parts and labor for all approved repairs.

Do I have to pay the deductible on every item that is repaired?

One of the great benefits of our Auto coverage is the deductible. Your one low deductible is paid per visit, not per item! This means that if you take your car into the shop and several different repairs are needed, you will only pay the single deductible.

Will my Auto Policy cover routine maintenance?

No, your Auto Extended Service Contract is created specifically for mechanical failures, and will specifically exclude common maintenance services. However, keep in mind that maintenance is very important! Not only is a well-maintained vehicle significantly safer, but it proper and timely maintenance is required to take advantage of your coverage.

Are the Auto Policies you offer reliable?

Yes! At Wholesale Warranties, we are very selective with the programs we choose to carry. We require that our Vehicle Service Contract programs are backed by financially stable insurance carriers, and that they are administered by reliable companies who will be there for you when you need them most.

Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

With our Auto Protection Policies, you’ll be able to take your vehicle to any licensed repair facility in the contiguous United States, Canada and Alaska. A Licensed Repair Facility refers to a service center that is in business to perform auto repairs, and has a legitimate business tax ID number.

What happens to my Auto Contract if I sell my car?

Our Vehicle Service Contracts are fully transferrable to the new owner of your car, or they can be cancelled at any time for a pro-rated refund.

Do you offer payment plans?

There are many different payment options for Auto coverage. For more information, ask your Service Contract Specialist about financing options when you request your free quote for coverage!

Once I’ve purchased my Vehicle Service Contract, how do I file a claim?

Filing a claim is quick and easy! Just remember these steps:

1) Bring your vehicle into a licensed repair facility in the United States or Canada.

2) Get Pre-Authorization! Have your repair facility diagnose the issue with your vehicle, then call into the contract administrator to get pre-authorization for any required repairs. Without this pre-authorization, your claim will not be covered.

3) Pick up your car or truck…but not the bill! For covered repairs, you’ll just owe your deductible, and then you can get back on the road.