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2017 RV Resolutions

by Staci Ritchie in RV Activities, Seasonal Travel Tips | 9 December, 2016 11:08pm | comments: 0

RVer New Year’s Resolutions

We’re on the cusp of a New Year, and for many that means refreshing their yearly goals. We’re taking a look at New Year’s Resolutions specific to RVers. Whether you’re an occasional traveler or full-timer, it’s always fun to plan for new goals and experiences in the coming year.

RV Resolution #1: Explore Your Hometown

With the glamour of the open road, many RVers fail to visit the amazing scenic spots closest to their home. Think back, have you visited your local National Park? When was the last time you visited your downtown with a tourist’s eyes?

The joy of RVing isn’t lost on familiar ground. In 2017, challenge yourself to find a spot in your hometown or the surrounding area that you have never visited before. You might be surprised how much adventure there is to be found in your city!

RV Resolution #2: Bring a Friend on your Next Adventure

There is nothing quite like sharing memories on the road. In fact, most RVers cite quality time with family and friends as their #1 reason for participating in the RV lifestyle! When was the last time you took someone new on an RV adventure? Pack the s’mores supplies and a few extra blankets, and hit the road with a friend or family member who has never camped in an RV before. We can all but guarantee they’ll end the trip with as much RV enthusiasm as you felt on your very first vacation.

Quick tip: knock out two resolutions at once by combining #1 and #2! If your newbie RVer is a bit apprehensive about camping, it’s best to take them to a local campground or park. The familiarity of staying close to home may allow them to enjoy the trip even more!

RV Resolution #3: Try Out Boondocking

Are you an avid “full hook-ups” kind of camper? While there’s nothing wrong with enjoying the ease of life in a campground or at an RV park, we challenge you to get out of your comfort zone in 2017! There are a ton of amazing boondocking opportunities spread out across the US. These remote locations will allow you to really get away from it all, and get back to nature. For more information on RV Boondocking, check out our Top 5 RV Boondocking Tips here.

RV Resolution #4: Start a Travel Journal

In 2017, make it a point to keep track of your amazing RV adventures! There are so many ways to commemorate your time on the road, so the pick the option that sounds like the most fun for you, and have it.

Many RVers maintain an RV Blog, which allows them to chronicle where they’ve been, and share these experience with the masses. Starting an RV Blog is a great option for full-timers, as it’s the perfect way to share your adventures with family and friends back home. For a little blogging inspiration, check out top RVer journals like RV-Dreams, RoadsLessTraveled, and

Not really a computer type of person? No problem! Keeping an “old school” journal is another great way to commemorate your life on wheels. Include items you find along the way, such as a National Park entrance ticket or other keepsake from you travels.

Another option? Photography! Capturing and printing photos from all of the gorgeous locations you visit is the perfect way to immortalize your travels.

RV Resolution #5: Don’t Pay for Any RV Repairs

Make 2017 the year where you don’t spend a dime of your travel budget on repairing your rig! With a comprehensive RV Warranty, you won’t have to worry about expensive breakdowns to items like your air conditioning, leveling jacks, slide outs, or even your engine. Your extended RV warranty would step in to pay for these pricey repairs, and spend your travel budget where it was intended: on the road!

Invest in an RV Warranty, and leave the financial stress of the repair shop in your RV past.  Now that’s an RV New Year’s Resolution we can get behind!

Do you have a 2017 RV Resolution? Share it in the comment section below!

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