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Full-Time RV Life: Learn from the Experts

by Staci Ritchie in RVing Tips | 16 January, 2017 10:24pm | comments: 0

Considering hitting the road full-time? Whether you’re retired or just getting started, there is a spot for every type of family on the road. The hardest part of getting into the RV lifestyle is getting started. What type of rig should you buy, how do you get your mail, how tough is it to get cell and internet service out on the road, the questions are endless!

So where do you start? Learn from the best!

Some of our favorite affiliates and most well-known RV community members are full-timers. They share their experiences on the road through blogs, videos, and social media, and their websites will soon be your go-to guide for figuring out life on the road. Our favorite full-timers include:


Full-Time gurus Howard and Linda Payne Howard and Linda Payne,
have been sharing their RV knowledge through their website and journal for over 10 years. Their website is the perfect place to start your full-time research, as they share every aspect of the RV life, including financials, information on workamping, product reviews, and more. Howard and Linda also visit and host several RV rallies each year. You will not want to miss their amazing educational seminars on full-time living topics.

We recommend starting with their write-up, “Is the RV Dream Right for You?


Get a glimpse into full-time RV living and boating, complete with amazing photography, from Mark and Emily Fagan of This couple has been making the most of the nomadic lifestyle for years, traveling through the U.S., Canada and Mexico, and documenting their adventures as they go. Their photos will make you long for the road, and their best tips and tricks will make your life easy once you get there.

Check out their list of Full-Time RVing Tips before you hit the road.

RV Love:

If you’re more of a visual learner, we suggest checking out Marc and Julie Bennett of RV Love. These full-timers have been living and working on the road for two years, so their transition to this lifestyle is fresh on their minds. Their website and YouTube channel alike are an invaluable resource to the newbie RVer, especially one looking to go full-time, and manage to continue working while they’re on the road. Marc and Julie are pro’s, and their informational blog and social media pages are a must-watch for prospective full-timers.

Take a look at their Travel Page to get inspired by all of the beautiful places there are to see in your RV!

Ready to hit the road now? We don’t blame you! With thoughtful planning and a lot of passion, starting your full-time life can be a rewarding and exciting adventure.

Just make sure you have all the coverage you need to stay on the road once you get there! Learn more about Roadside Assistance and mechanical breakdown coverage to add a little peace of mind to your life on the road.

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