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10 Reasons to Secure RV Warranty Coverage [For New and Experienced Travelers]

by Staci Ritchie in RV Warranty FAQ | 23 May, 2017 10:03pm | comments: 1

When you picture your next RV trip, you’re probably conjuring images of the open road, scenic National Park destinations, or family bonding around the campfire.

What you probably don’t picture is your home-on-wheels stuck on the side of the road. Or handing your credit card over to pay for a big and unexpected repair to your rig. Unfortunately, these scenes are just as common for RV travelers.

Wouldn’t it be nice to head into your next road trip with a little peace of mind? Whether you’ve been traveling for years or are hitting the pavement for the first time, we’ve compiled our top 10 Reasons to Secure RV Warranty Coverage before your next trip:

1) Modern RVs are Tough to Fix

With each passing year, RVs become more and more complex. The good news is these updated features make your RV feel more like a true home-on-wheels than ever before. The bad news is these same qualities rely heavily on updated technology, making them very difficult to fix. Modern RVs require a higher level of expertise for most repairs, and this is evident in current labor rates.

On top of this, more RV owners are hesitant to tackle repairs without the help of a trained mechanic. Even veteran RV owners are likely to end up in a costly shop for most breakdowns they face—and this will cost you without coverage.

2) The Odds are Stacked Against You: Every RV Will Breakdown

Sometimes it just comes down to the numbers, and the unfortunate truth is the odds aren’t exactly in the favor of RV owners. Most travelers are surprised to learn that even new RVs have a very high chance of failure. In fact, 3 out of every 10 RVs will have a major breakdown by only their 2nd year on the road, at which point most rigs are out of manufacturer warranty. This stat jumps to a shocking 8 out of 10 RVs that will need major repairs by their 5th year on the road, and nearly EVERY RV by their 8th.

The simple fact is that RVs will breakdown, but you can protect yourself from incurring the repair costs with RV Warranty coverage.

3) Speaking of Repair Costs…They’re On theRV Warranty Repair Statistics Rise!

According to our most recent claims data, the average RV repair costs $300 or more per hour between parts and labor. This means that even some of the simpler repairs to everyday items on your RV will run you several hundred dollars—well over a common RV warranty deductible.

The graphic to the right shows the average repair totals for the most commonly claimed items on a motorhome or towable RV. With the right extended RV warranty coverage, you can avoid those costs altogether.

4) The Confidence of Claims Review

Almost every vehicle owner: RV, automobile, motorcycle or otherwise will admit that they sometimes question the repair bill their mechanic gives them. Since the average RV owner isn’t also an RV mechanic, it can be tough to know if the price for parts and the amount of labor being requested is fair and necessary. The great part about taking your RV in for repairs when you have an extended RV warranty is knowing that a highly trained claims adjuster will be reviewing the mechanic’s estimate of repairs. If the claims adjuster sees that any requests seem out of line, they will work directly with your mechanic to find resolution for your repair. This allows you to feel confident in the work that is being performed on your coach—plus, for all covered repairs, your extended RV warranty will pick up the bill!

5) Added Layer of Support

At Wholesale Warranties, we work every single day with RVers whose vehicles have suffered a breakdown of some kind. We know that this process is never fun. Whether it’s a quick and easy repair, or an engine overhaul, no RV traveler wants to spend their vacation in an RV repair facility.

We may not be able to make RV repairs fun, but we do aim to take the stress out of them! When you purchase your RV protection with Wholesale Warranties, you’re also securing top-of-the-line customer service and support for the life of your warranty term. Our staff will be here to answer questions, facilitate communication between your repair facility and warranty company, or even handle claim disputes. Our highly trained staff is here to support you and get you back on the road where you belong!

6) 24/7 Emergency Roadside Assistance

RV Emergency Roadside AssistanceRV breakdowns don’t happen on any type of schedule. You may run into issues on a holiday, a Sunday afternoon in a campground, or on the side of the road late at night. It’s incredibly important to have a reliable RV roadside assistance provider to call if and when you run into issues, which is why every RVer should secure emergency roadside coverage before they hit the road.

Your RV warranty will likely come up with a bit of ancillary coverage for these types of emergency events, but we recommend an affordable, full-coverage, 24/7 RV Roadside Assistance policy to every traveler. These policies will pick up the bill for towing expenses, help you out with emergency fluid delivery, dispatch help for flat tires, and much much more. Learn more about this inexpensive RV protection by clicking here.

7) Transferable RV Protection for Added Re-Sale Value

Private Party sales of used RVs are hugely popular, and a great way for you to get a solid return on your investment when it comes time to pick out a new coach. A sure-fire way to get top dollar when selling your RV is to have an extended RV warranty in place. A reliable RV warranty lets the potential buyer of your rig know that it was well maintained and repaired while you owned it, allowing them to feel more confident moving forward with the purchase. On top of this, all of our extended RV warranty policies are completely transferable, so any remaining coverage term can be transferred to the new owner of your coach upon sale. This coverage often allows private party sellers to list and sell their RVs at higher asking prices—meaning more money towards your new RV!

8) Pre-Purchase RV Inspection

In order to qualify for RV protection, most RVs will have to pass a full mechanical inspection to ensure everything is in working order before the coverage goes into effect. This is hugely beneficial to new RV buyers, especially those purchasing used coaches. This RV inspection provides an unbiased, 3rd party look at the quality of the vehicle you are investing in, and will alert you to any pre-existing conditions that should be fixed by the dealer or seller of the unit before you take possession.

Those who have owned their RV for a while will find value in this inspection process as well, as it will provide them with a realistic idea of the mechanical function of their coach. The RV inspector will alert you to any major mechanical failures lurking within your coach, allowing you to have these items repaired, and to travel safely and with confidence.

9) Protects Your Travel Budget

As mentioned above, most RV owners do not set aside room in their travel budget for inevitable RV repairs. This means that any failures they do experience while traveling will have to be paid for out of their vacation budget, cutting trips short or causing them to dip into savings.

However, with a reliable motorhome warranty or towable RV extended warranty in place, your travel budget is protected! Your contract will step in to cover the cost of repairs to almost every major mechanical failure on your coach, allowing you to travel with confidence knowing that your vacation won’t be cut short by hefty repair bills.

10) Peace of Mind

At the end of the day, choosing to travel with or without RV protection is a personal choice. There are plenty of reasons to invest in an RV warranty, but they all add up to one very important phrase: Peace of Mind. Whether it’s knowing that your travel budget is protected, that you have a highly trained customer service team to back you up with a repair facility, or simply that you won’t have to face inevitable RV breakdowns alone, a reliable RV extended warranty allows you to hit the road with confidence and peace of mind each and every time you get behind the wheel of your RV.

To learn more about RV warranties, please click here, or request a quote to get pricing and coverage information from one of our knowledgeable RV warranty experts.

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  1. Sherry A Hewitt says: May 31, 2017 at 12:01 am

    We are PROFOUNDLY grateful for our warranty. We have not needed it so far but it does give us peace of mind. We are also thankful for finding this company and their professionalism.

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