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Summer at the Lake: 5 Can’t-Miss RV Destinations

by Staci Ritchie in Vacationing | 12 April, 2017 10:51pm | comments: 0

The sun is out and travel season is upon us! We’ve been daydreaming about a classic American summer at the lake, so we’ve compiled a list of gorgeous RV destinations for your upcoming travels. Are any of these shorelines on your RV travel bucket list?

Shore of Flathead Lake in northwestern MontanaFlathead Lake, MT

With over 185 miles of shoreline, this gorgeous freshwater lake offers ample space for an unforgettable RV adventure. Enjoy everything from sailing, water skiing, and fishing, to snacking on local produce from the many roadside stands along the eastern shore. This perfect summer destination also serves as a scenic stop on your way to popular Glacier National Park, which sits just a short drive away.



Lighthouse at sunset - Grand HavenGrand Haven State Park, MI

Enjoy summer with a waterfront view at Grand Haven State Park! This popular destination boasts 48 acres of campground between the shores of Lake Michigan and the Grand River. With view of the lake, pier, and lighthouse, this park is sure to serve up an idyllic American summer. Don’t miss out on Grand Haven this travel season!



Lake Okeechobee FLLake Okeechobee, FL

Florida is a top destination for RVers, with travelers flocking to the miles of coastline for great beach vacations. While the Floridian coastline and the Florida Keys are undoubtedly beautiful places to camp, nature lovers won’t want to overlook the state’s largest freshwater lake, Lake Okeechobee. This destination offers an unparalleled look at local wildlife through miles of hiking and boating trails, as well as fishing, local festivals, and a unique look into the area’s historical farming background


the incredibly beautiful Crater Lake, Oregon, a caldera left froCrater Lake, OR

Crater Lake is one of the most famous West Coast destinations for outdoors-loving travelers, and for good reason! Deemed one of the “crown jewels” of the US, this spectacularly blue body of water is the deepest lake in the country and among the deepest in the world! For mild weather, visit Crater Lake between July and September. Explore this gorgeous area through hiking, picknicking, or a simple scenic drive to take in the stunning views.


Lake Winnebago, WIAsylum Point Lighthouse at Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin

Aptly named for RV travel, Lake Winnebago is the premier destination for fishing enthusiasts! Just a few hours from urban life in Chicago, IL, Wisconsin’s Lake Winnebago offers miles of gorgeous shoreline for RV Camping. Enjoy the plentiful fishing, take your bikes for a leisurely spin, or simply set up camp for a relaxing summer on the water.



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