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Arizona RVing – RV Extended Warranties for Desert Duners!

Arizona, also known as the Grand Canyon state, is another top contender for most popular RVing state. Our RV warranty customers flock to the Arizonian sunshine every winter, turning otherwise tiny towns into motorhome wonderlands. While most people travel to Arizona to see the amazing natural beauty of the Grand Canyon, the state has much more to offer it’s visitors.

For scenery you’ll want to head for the Grand Canyon, the Painted Desert, the Petrified Forest or the Canyon de Chelly. If you’re a history buff you’ll want to check out Arizona’s abundance of old West ghost towns, abandoned mines, and Native American ruins.

Our RV Warranty customers suggest you also checkout the RV Rallies held hear each year. The nation’s largest gathering of RVers take place each winter in a town called Quartzsite, which grows in size once a year to become the state’s 3rd largest city. The Quartzsite gatherings began back in 1967 and have flourished ever since. With vendors offering an array of RVing accessories, and thousands of RVers from all of the country in attendance the annual Quartzsite rally is an event you won’t want to miss! Even better, you can catch a meeting with your favorite motorhome warranty specialists at the show each year!

A typical winter day in Arizona boasts 75-degree weather and clear skies. This makes the state a popular destination for powersports vehicle owners, often referred to as Duners, who flock to the open desert spaces to enjoy their ATV’s. Just make sure to safeguard yourself with an ATV extended warranty before you hit the sands, or breakdowns could cut your trip short. The Grand Canyon state is affordable too, with cost-effective campground choices and low gas prices. Whether you’re looking for desert, snowy mountains, or bustling cosmopolitans areas, Arizona has something to offer. The climate is warm and dry, making it a paradise for snowbirds who are fleeing the cold weather in their home states.