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Motorhome Warranties in Sunny Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix has several varied sites and activities available for our RV Warranty customers traveling there. The town boasts everything from golfing to fishing, bird watching to hiking, rafting to shopping. But the activities that make Phoenix, AZ unique are definitely the ones that take place outdoors, in the city’s natural habitat. RVers can enjoy the beautiful qualities of Arizona’s natural landscapes in many various locations. Two of the more famous locations are found at Boyce Thompson Arboretum and at Kartchner Caverns. The Boyce Thompson Arboretum is the largest botanical garden in Arizona and features beautiful and unique flora and fauna from all of the world’s deserts in one place. The Arboretum is a great place to go site seeing, especially in the fall. Every fall, the Chinese pistachio trees celebrate the coming of fall by turning bright orange, gold, and red. So if you’re hopping in the motorhome and heading for a warm place to stay this winter, make sure to stop by the Arboretum in Phoenix, AZ!

Another great travel destination in Phoenix is called the Kartchner Caverns. Many of you may have seen pictures of these grand caverns but never knew where they came from. The Kartchner caverns are found South East of Phoenix, and there are two different routes for visitors to enjoy. The Caverns are filled with Limestone stalagmites and Stalactites, some of which can reach up to 58 feet high!

And while the natural world is always something to admire–especially for our RV Warranty customers who boondock!–the city of Phoenix itself is a very large metropolitan area, and provides all of the comforts of civilized society. As Phoenix is a popular destination for Snowbirds, there are a large number of RV Campgrounds and RV Parks in and around the city. These campgrounds are varied and range from resort-like to basic, with prices to match. Whatever you choose to do while in Phoenix, we are sure you’ll enjoy yourself!