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New Orleans

RV Travels to Iconic New Orleans, LA

No motorhome trip through the south would be complete without a stop in famous New Orleans, Louisiana! New Orleans is known worldwide for its rich Creole and Cajun culture. The French Quarter is a place where one can go to experience what life may have been like back in the olden days. Visitors can eat beignets at various cafes and walk down historic roads listening to Cajun music. Jazz concerts are held during all times of the year so be sure to stop by and enjoy some good food and music. Because this is such a hot destination for travelers, there are many options for our RV Warranty customers to choose from in RV Dealerships, RV Repair Facilities, and RV Campgrounds in this area.

 On the other side of the spectrum, visitors can also take tours through the swamps of Louisiana! Swamps are not too common in the United State, so visiting the swamp lands around New Orleans is a rare treat. Visitors can come and enjoy the tranquility of the swamps with the helpful navigation of local swamp experts. However, to all of our dear RV Warranty customers we will warn you: be wary of alligators, and keep all hands and feet inside of the boat at all times!

However, the absolute most famous attraction New Orleans has to offer is its annual Mardi Gras festival.  Every year, on the Saturday before Lent, all of Louisiana and its visitors celebrate the festival with rich and fatty foods and drinks for all to enjoy. Fun seekers from around the globe come out to enjoy the music and festival that cannot be found anywhere else. So make sure to add New Orleans to your list of places to visit on your 2013 RV road trip!