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When you purchase your ATV you’re setting your sights on leisure activity and fun–this might bring to mind images of racing out in the desert or through the dunes. And while no one likes to daydream about mechanical breakdowns and repair bills, they are an unfortunate part of the powersports ownership package. With a cost-effective ATV warranty, however, you can have the peace of mind that if your new ATV’s engine were to fail–or if the fuel system began to malfunction–you have coverage, and will only be responsible for one low deductible. The average engine repair cost on an ATV is $1,200, and even steering repairs can run you around $450 per breakdown–would you be able to cove these costs if your powersports vehicle broke down? The best type of ATV extended warranty coverage on the market would offer breakdown protection for items such as your Engine, Transmission, Water Pump, Primary Drive, Drive Axle Assembly, Front and Rear Suspension, Steering, Brakes, Gauges, Fuel System, Seals and Gaskets, and Electrical systems.

The policies that we offer are also what are considered exclusionary policies, which is a type of ATV warranty which specifically lists the items that are not covered, meaning that all other mechanical components would be covered. An exclusionary ATV extended warranty would typically exclude the following items: carburetor, battery, radio/cassette/CD players, speakers, global positioning systems, shock absorbers, entire clutch system, manual and hydraulic linkages, friction clutch disc and pressure plate, sealed beams, light bulbs, turn signals, circuit breakers, brake rotors, upholstery, tires, bumpers and mirrors, and more. For a complete list of what is not covered, or to speak with an expert ATV warranty specialist, please feel free to request a free quote today!