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When you’re out on the water enjoying your jet ski, do you ever worry about how much it would cost to fix if you broke down? Our jet ski extended warranty can offer you peace of mind, allowing you to leave your worries on the shore as you head out to enjoy your purchase! Personal powersports vehicles are becoming more and more complex, and unfortunately this means that they are also becoming increasingly expensive to fix. Our jet ski extended warranties, however, will be there to pick up the repair bills! We offer policies that are back by A-Rated insurance carriers, and can be used at any licensed repair facility. So whether you’re at home or traveling, you’ll be able to get in for repairs and back out on the road in no time!

Items you can expect to e covered under our jet ski extended warranties include your engine, lubricating systems, fuel systems, drive line systems, pump systems, controls, steering, electrical systems, and seals and gaskets. The most comprehensive jet ski extended warranties are referred to as exclusionary policies. This means that in addition to the items listed above, all working mechanical components on your vehicle will be covered aside from a specific exclusions list. Examples of excluded items include the following: carburetor, battery and battery cable/harness, radio/cassette/CD players, speakers, electronic transmitting/receiving devices, global positioning systems, shock absorbers, entire clutch system, manual and hydraulic linkages, brake rotors, trim, moldings, ornamentation, bumpers, mirrors, sheet metal, frame and structural body parts, breakdowns caused by collision, road hazard, fire, theft, larceny, vandalism, riot, civil commotion, labor difficulties, lightning, earthquake, freezing, rust or corrosion, windstorm, war, hail, water or flood, malicious mischief, natural disaster, salt, environmental damage, chemicals; aesthetic damage including scratches, paint deterioration, dents, nicks, wear and tear, etc.

For a complete breakdown of coverage please contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable powersports warranty specialists today! Why spend your time worrying about repair costs? With a comprehensive jet ski extended warranty you can hit the water worry-free!