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Your motorcycle purchase is an expression of freedom–just you and the open road!  But when you purchased your new vehicle, did you factor in the potential repair costs? With one of our comprehensive motorcycle extended warranties, you won’t need to! Our motorcycle warranty is backed by an A-rated insurance carrier, will be there for you when you need it most, and comes with a low deductible that will fit easily into your budget. The most expensive items on your motorcycle will be covered, including the engine, whose repair bills average around $3,100, and the transmission which will usually run you around $1,800. With this exclusionary motorcycle extended warranty you will be given a list of items that are not covered, and if your breakdown is not on that list, then it will be covered! Examples of components that would be covered are your Engine, Water Pump, Transmission, Primary Drive, Front and Rear Suspension, Steering, Brake, Gauges, Fuel Systems, Touring Bike Components, Seals and Gaskets and Electrical Systems.

However, as afore-mentioned the most important list to pay attention to are the items that are not covered. This exclusionary motorcycle extended warranty would exclude items such as maintenance items, carburetor, dashboard, windshield, weather strips, trim, upholstery, chasing guards, external belts, external sprockets, bent shift forks or bent valves, stuck valves due to build up, bunks, fenders, hubs, fuses, fuel lines, drive belts, breakdowns due to accident, weather, road hazard, fire, theft, larceny, vandalism, riot, civil commotion, labor difficulties, war, hail; aesthetic damage including but not limited to scratches, paint deterioration, dents, nicks normal wear and tear, explosion, etc. To see the complete breakdown of coverage please contact a motorcycle warranty specialist today!

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