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Motorhome Warranty Coverage

Of all the Recreational Vehicles and “Big Kid” Toys on the market today, nothing compares to the modern Motorhome in terms of technological sophistication and complexity.  There is simply no match for a motorhome’s combination of mechanical ingenuity, usually saved for the most advanced buses and high-end trucks, with the sophistication and engineering of the most state-of-the-art smart home.  Add all of these bells and whistles to the constant shaking, rattling, wind, rain, and temperature changes seen out on the road, and it’s not hard to picture the mechanical wear and tear your motorhome endures on a daily basis. Major mechanical breakdowns, then, seem not only probable but inevitable, and as most RVers know, the cost of fixing these items on your Motorhome get more and more expensive every year. We’ve talked a lot about the complexity of your rig, and as the technology increases so does the expertise and training needed to fix these items, leading to expensive labor rates and pricey parts.

The good news? You can protect yourself from these repair bills with one of our many Motorhome Extended Warranty options. Whether you’re looking to cover essentially every mechanical component involved in your RV, or simply to protect the very high-dollar items such as Engine and Powertrain, Wholesale Warranties provides a level of RV Warranty coverage to suit your specific needs. Click on an option above for more details on that level of coverage, as well as examples of items you can expect to have covered by a Motorhome Extended Warranty.

How do Motorhome Warranties control the costs of Motorhome Breakdowns?

  • Motorhome Budgeting and Cost Preparation – As many people know, there is little uniformity when it comes to the breakdowns of Motorhomes or any other type of RV. Some Motorhomes come to be labeled “Cursed”. These are rigs that seem to end every trip in an expensive visit to the RV Repair Shop, turning your brightest RV-Dreams into budget-breaking RV Nightmares.  Then there are Motorhomes that have relatively few issues beyond a few minor adjustments that make our RV Lifestyle everything we hoped it would be. The rest of us fall somewhere in between, where securing a Motorhome Extended Warranty provides the comfort and peace of mind that if our home-on-wheels tends to dip towards “cursed”, we’ll be covered. Motorhome Warranties allow RVers to focus their time, energy and money on what they bought their RV for in the first place: enjoying the outdoors and countryside with family and friends.
  • Motorhome Breakdown Cost Control Measures – We know that motorhomes are advanced, and that we can expect repairs to be quite expensive due to the level of expertise needed to make these fixes, but the question remains: how do you know if you’re being charged a fair price? With a Motorhome Extended Warranty program through Wholesale Warranties, every time you need a repair, the RV repair center will be calling into a fellow RV mechanic to verify coverage and open a claim. At that time, the RV Repair Facility will also provide labor hours and repair prices to your Motorhome Warranty provider, knowing that the adjustor will be holding these suggested prices to common industry standards. If there seems to be a discrepancy between the repair price quoted and industry standards, or the method of repair seems questionable, the adjustor has access to a nationwide network of RV inspectors to verify proper pricing and diagnosis. Simply having a Motorhome Warranty which will validate necessary repairs for the claims process can often prevent a repair shop from overcharging.

What are the chances an inspector will need to review the pricing or repairs for my Motorhome Warranty claim?

The statistics vary substantially depending on the RV Repair Facility and nature of the claim, but the fact that the Motorhome Repair Facilities are calling the claims and repairs into fellow RV experts at your Motorhome Warranty Company helps to greatly reduce the possibility for overpriced RV repairs. However, in the event that the claims adjustors do question a price, or send out an inspector to review repairs, it is a great sign that the investment you’ve made in an RV Warranty has also provided peace of mind that the correct repairs are being done on your rig—at the correct price.  Another way to avoid the concerns that come with an unknown RV Repair Facility is word of mouth, and we’ve compiled this all in one place for you. Ensure a positive RV Service Experience by using our RV Repair Facility Locator, complete with customer ratings.

  • RV and Motorhome Repair Facility Network with Wholesale Pricing – With the Motorhome Extended Warranties offered through Wholesale Warranties, you can take your Motorhome to any licensed repair facility in the country. However, we want to put our extensive experience in dealing with various motorhome mechanics to good use, so we have compiled an RV Repair Facility Network which allows you the convenience of finding the closest RV repair facility to you, and the power to check the ratings of that repair facility before ever stepping foot in the front door. This impartial rating system allows customers to leave detailed reviews regarding their service with any repair facility in our network, so you can choose a facility with peace of mind. Even further, many of the RV Repair Facilities in our network partnered with us to provide volume pricing discounts to our customers, allowing Motorhome owners access to the most cost effective pre-paid RV Extended Warranty programs on the market.

For more information on Motorhome Extended Warranty coverage plans available for your RV, submit a free RV warranty quote request or call us today at 800-939-2806.

Are there any other major Motorhome Expenses to consider that would not be covered under a Motorhome Extended Warranty?

Absolutely! For a well-rounded protection package, Motorhome owners also consider:

  • Motorhome Roadside Assistance and RV Tire and Wheel Protection – Nothing can put a damper on RV fun quite like getting stuck on the side of the road, or having a tire blow out. These are some of the most stressful situations an RV owner can be faced with, especially when traveling in unfamiliar territory. Fortunately, Motorhome owners can gain access to a nationwide network of emergency repair facilities and professionals with our comprehensive RV Roadside Assistance package. It is highly recommended that anyone owning an RV get set up with some type of Roadside Assistance coverage to prepare for the unforeseen and dangerous circumstances that come with tire failures, dead batteries, or dashboard warning lights.  Wholesale Warranties offers several RV Roadside Assistance and RV Tire and Wheel Protection packages that will protect you and your motorhome.  For more information on these affordable programs, click here.
  • Motorhome Insurance – It is extremely important to know the coverage, limitations, and pricing of a given policy when choosing Motorhome Insurance. There are a large number of carriers to choose from, but not all policies are created equal. Wholesale Warranties has partnered up with one of the most knowledgeable brokers in the business to help take the guess-work out of finding the best coverage and pricing for your comp and collision Motorhome Insurance. For more information on coverage options for your Motorhome, request a FREE RV Insurance quote, and a member of our RV Insurance team will be happy to assist you.