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Pop-Up Camper ownership can be one of the best ways to combine the great outdoors with the home-like comforts of RV living. Tent campers come in a large range of price, size, layout and complexity options, making them a possibility for just about any budget! While not as multifaceted as a motor home or travel trailer, pop-up campers still present the possibility of pricey repair bills. Luckily, we offer a highly cost-effective pop-up camper extended warranty policy. From heating and cooling components, to small-scale plumbing, even minor repairs can become costly when parts, diagnosis, and labor are all added into the equation. With a comprehensive pop-up camper warranty, however, you will be responsible for only a small deductible, while the warranty picks up the rest of the bill!

Pop-Up Camping is a low-cost way to see the country, while still being able to rest on a comfortable mattress at night. They don’t require a large amount of power to tow, and can work in just about any camp setting! Tent campers are also easier to store in the off months, as they take up far less space than a larger RV in their compacted state.

Camping is a wonderful family activity, and those who enjoy this hobby are likely to get out and camp as often as their schedules allow. Unfortunately, the more wear and tear on your pop-up camper, the more likely you are to run into repair bills early and often. Don’t let repair costs force you to stay at home on a beautiful weekend, or miss a family camping trip! Instead, invest in one of our pop-up camper extended warranties, and get back out into the National Parks or state campgrounds as soon as possible!