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Tire & Wheel Protection

RV Tire and Wheel Protection

While our RV Extended Warranties have you covered for all of the mechanical components on your vehicle, who will you call in the event of a tire blowout? We offer a wonderful and low-cost tire and wheel policy that would safeguard you from incurring the costs of a blown tires, or resulting rim damage. This tire and wheel policy is especially worthwhile for our RV, travel trailer, and 5th wheel clients as these tires can be very expensive to replace–and there’s a lot of them!

We know that you do your very best to maintain all parts of your vehicle–including checking your tire pressure, and not allowing them to go bald–but some things simply boil down to bad luck. A road hazard is truly one of these unpredictable misfortunes. With our cost-effective  tire and wheel policy we can replace the blown tire, repair any rim damage, and get you back on the road safely and efficiently. This tire and wheel policy will be available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for repair or replacement of damaged tires–including labor!

Don’t get caught on the road without protection for all four, six, or even eight tires (and wheels!) on your vehicle. Request information online, or call our offices to discuss our cost-effective tire and wheel policy today!

Don’t let a blown tire blow your trip!

Our tire and wheel protection policy is a great way to safeguard your recreational vehicles from the cost of a tire or rim replacement or repair. From trucks pulling trailers, huge motorhomes, to compact Class B’s, our tire and wheel program has got you covered! Many similar policies will charge high deductibles or put a low cap on the amount of claims you can make–but we say, “where’s the value in that?!” Motorhomes and travel trailers can often have up to eight tires, and if you hit a major road hazard you can easily surpass this claim cap in a single incident. With our tire and wheel policy there is no limit, no deductible and no fuss!

With this policy you will be able to take your vehicle to any tire repair provider or have them come out to you, report the claim to the policy administrator, and get back on the road! The policy will fully reimburse the cost of any covered RV tire or wheel repair or replacement. Nothing can bring a fun road trip to a stop faster than a tire blowout, and while repairs are never fun, we believe they should be easy. This policy is cost-effective, high in value, and hassle-free: our favorite qualities! Contact our offices today to get more information on this tire and wheel protection program. The program not only offers complete coverage for tire and rim repair or replacement, but also comes with roadside assistance benefits, mounting aid, and emergency travel expense reimbursement. You can be confident each time you take your vehicle out for a spin that someone will be there to help you out when you need it most.

Whether you have two tires to protect, or eight, this policy was made for you. Request a quote today and be protected when you hit the road tomorrow: