Best RV Extended Warranty Coverage

RV Warranty Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why should I have an Extended Service contract for my recreational vehicle?

An RV Extended Service Contract, commonly referred to as an RV Warranty, is an affordable solution to the high cost of breakdowns. With an RV Warranty you pass the risk, and the bill, onto your warranty company. Additionally, with each passing year motorhomes, travel trailers and 5th wheels have become increasingly complex. Unfortunately, this new technology is more costly to repair or replace, with the average RV Repair costing upwards of $300 per hour. With high labor costs and pricey parts, an RV Repair could put a huge hole in your RVing budget. Securing an RV Warranty will provide you with peace of mind that should you run into unexpected and costly RV breakdowns out on the road, you’ll be covered. To learn more about the various types of RV Warranties available, please click here.

Q: What type of RV Extended Warranty coverage do you offer?

At Wholesale Warranties we proudly offer a comprehensive line of RV Warranty coverage options! From Exclusionary Policies, to Listed Component, and even Powertrain coverage, our goal is to present our customers with the policy that best compliments their specific needs for their specific vehicle. For more details, or to speak with one of our RV Warranty Specialists who can help you find the perfect coverage today, call us now at 800-939-2806.

Q: How likely is it that my RV will even break down?

Unfortunately, your odds of suffering a major mechanical breakdown go up with every passing year. Based on RV Warranty claims records, more than 3 out of every 10 RVs will need major repairs in only their second year on the road. This skyrockets to 8 out of 10 in their fifth year, and virtually ALL of them in their eighth year! Today’s RVs are increasingly more complex, and with more things to go wrong, the need to protect your investment rises.

Q: I may sell my RV during the year, is it still worth getting an Extended Warranty?

Yes, and for two major reasons: First, if you plan to sell your RV privately you can easily transfer the RV Warranty contract to the new owner at a minimal cost. This often significantly increases the value at time of sale, as you are ensuring potential buyers that they won’t be stuck with big repair bills. Second, you may cancel your contract at any time and receive a pro-rated refund based on unused time or mileage of your RV Warranty term.

Q: Will an RV Warranty pay for labor, too?

Yes! Parts and labor are included for ALL approved repairs!

Q: About the deductible—is it charged on each item?

No! With our RV Warranty coverage, you will only pay your deductible per visit, not per item. So, if there are several covered repairs needed during one visit to the RV Repair Shop,  (and there often are) you still pay only a single deductible!

Q: Once I’ve purchased my RV Extended Warranty and I need to file a claim, what is the process?

The process is simple, and our RV Warranty Specialists will happily guide you through it! Just remember it as four easy steps:

  1. Bring Your Vehicle In You may take your Recreational Vehicle to any licensed repair facility in the U.S.
  2. Get Pre-Authorization Have your repair facility diagnose the problem, and contact your RV Warranty company to get pre-authorization on any required repairs. Without a pre-authorization, your claim will not be covered!
  3. Enjoy Trip Interruption Benefits We want you to be comfortable and safe will your motor home is being repaired. If your motor home is unusable due to a covered loss, and you’re more than 100 miles from home, you will receive payment towards your lodgings, and meals. You may also receive rental car allowance and towing expenses!
  4. Be On Your Way! Pick up your RV, but not the bill—that goes to your warranty company. All you’ll need to take care of is your deductible! This is not a reimbursement plan, so you do not have to dip into your savings or max out your credit cards just to get back on the road. Instead, you can drive off in your repaired RV, and leave the bills to your RV Warranty company!
Q: Can I use my RV Extended Warranty for routine maintenance?

No, your RV Extended Warranty is tailored to mechanical and electrical breakdowns, and specifically excludes any day-to-day servicing on your RV. In fact, you must have your vehicle serviced according to the manufacturer’s requirements to qualify for the RV Warranty program. It’s always a good idea to keep a regular log of this maintenance as well.

Q: I’ve heard that RV Warranty programs can go bankrupt and you leave you high and dry. Is this program different?

Yes! At Wholesale Warranties we are very selective with the programs that we choose to offer. All of our warranties are backed by “A” Rated Insurance Carriers, who have proven staying power and financial stability. However, many providers on the market are not as stringent with their recommendations, so as you are shopping we would advise you to beware of RV Warranty programs offered through “Risk Retention Groups”. For more information about these RRG’s, check out our blog.

Q: What is a Risk Retention Group as it pertains to Extended Warranties?

Risk Retention Groups or RRG’s offer extended warranty programs that are not required to undergo the scrutiny of insurance regulators to the extent that a fully-insured RV Warranty policy would. With a Risk Retention Group, you run the risk of the seller going out of business, with no insurance company left to back the policy you’ve purchased. You can read more information about Risk Retention Groups by visiting our RV Warranty Blog.

Q: Are your RV Warranties offered through fully-insured companies?

In order to make sure that the company will be able to pay claims even if they run into financial difficulty, we are dedicated to only offering programs backed by a solid insurance company. To determine the strength of an insurance backer you are considering, use A.M. Best as a research tool. A.M. Best rates the strength of the insurance carriers behind these program, and it is typically recommended to find a carrier with an A rating to ensure stability. At Wholesale Warranties, we only recommend programs that are fully-insured by A rated carriers.

Q: What is the company’s BBB Rating?

It is very important to check on the integrity of the company that you will be giving your money and trust to.  The BBB can be an extremely useful reference to monitor the company’s performance. You can view our A+ BBB rating by clicking here.

Q: How well does the retailer know the ins and outs of your policy?

Many retailers have come and gone in recent years, and it is important that you deal with a knowledgeable and trustworthy warranty advisor when deciding on the purchase.  Many times the understanding of the policy as a retailer can be the most difficult thing for a new warranty advisor to understand.  Make sure that the retailer not only knows the policy inside and out, but will be able to help you understand the plan and answer ALL your questions.

Q: What are the policy terms, and have the details of an “Exclusionary Policy” been clearly offered?

Make sure that you understand not only what is covered but also those items that are NOT covered.  It is typically recommended that you try to set up with an “Exclusionary Policy” which is a policy that states specifically those items that are NOT covered , in which ALL other items not excluded WILL be covered.

Q: Where can I take my vehicle for repairs?

With one of our RV Warranty policies, you’ll be able to take your RV to any licensed repair facility in the United States. A licensed repair facility simply refers to a facility that is in business to work on recreational vehicles, and has a legitimate business tax ID number. Traveling to Canada? Ask your Warranty Specialist about our policies that are also accepted in Canada!

Q: Is the RV Warranty plan transferable and/or cancellable?

Our RV Warranty plans allow you to change your mind! If you’re looking to sell your RV to a private party, you can absolutely transfer the policy to the new owner. Additionally, if you are trading in your RV, or getting out of RVing altogether, you can cancel your policy for a pro-rated refund.

Q: Do you offer payment plans?

Many of the most reputable and reliable companies will offer the plan to be paid out over several months.  This can be extremely helpful for those of us on a budget, or who are simply unable to pay for the entire policy up front. Ask your RV Warranty specialist about financing options, and we’ll find a plan to meet your financial needs.