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Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Extended Warranties

The technology involved in the making of a modern Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel is nothing short of astonishing.  Manufacturers are able to assemble a light weight home-on-wheels that is safe to tow, all while equipped with the comforts of a modern smart home. Towable RV’s are compact for towing, expandable for comfort, and more affordable than the average motorhome, making them one of the most popular ways to camp. However, every time these modern marvels hit the road they are enduring a rough mixture of earthquake shaking and hurricane-force winds, leaving their technologically savvy interiors susceptible to breakdown. The stress caused by mechanical breakdowns on Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels is also compounded by the expertise that is necessary to repair or replace these technologically advanced parts, and with more sophistication comes higher costs. Unfortunately, many RVers do not plan for the high cost of repairs on unexpected mechanical issues that come with owning a Towable RV, and are often left with a blown travel budget.

How do Travel Trailer Warranty and 5th Wheel Warranty plans help control the cost of the RV Repairs?

  • RV Budgeting and Cost Preparations – Breakdowns are inevitable for 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers, but there is no telling when, where and how often you’ll run into these issues while traveling. There are Towable RV’s that owners simply call “cursed”, and these RVers find themselves in the RV Repair Shop every single time they hit the road. While it can be rare, the opposite is also true, and some RV owners find that they don’t run into pricey repairs until their Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel has been on the road for several years. Most travelers fall somewhere in between these two extremes, and even that middle ground can be incredibly costly. Planning for these expenses ahead of time is important, and will allow you to spend your time, energy, and hard-earned money on what you bought the RV for in the first place: travel, enjoying the outdoors, and spending time with loved ones. A Travel Trailer Warranty can be a huge part of this budgeting process, and can save you from the headache of mechanical failures.
  • Towable RV Breakdown Cost Control – As mentioned above, the complexity of modern 5th Wheels and Travel Trailers have made repairs both costly and time-consuming, and mechanics are required to have more expertise than ever before. With all of these factors playing into your RV Repair Bill, are you confident that you know what the fair and reasonable price of a given Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel fix truly is? With top-rated 5th Wheel Extended Warranties and Travel Trailer Extended Warranty plans, whenever repairs are needed, the RV Repair Facility will call in to speak to a fellow RV mechanic to verify coverage and to confirm that the labor time and part prices submitted for your repair meet industry standards. On the rare occasion that there is a discrepancy between the price requested by your RV Repair facility and the known industry standard verified by your RV Warranty Claim Rep, or if the nature of the repair itself seems questionable, the Claims Manager will have access to a nationwide network of independent inspectors to verify proper pricing and diagnosis. With Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel Warranty coverage, you never have to worry that you are paying for unnecessary repairs, or heavily inflated prices.
  • RV Repair Facility Network with Wholesale Pricing – With the Towable RV Extended Warranties offered by Wholesale Warranties, RVers are allowed to bring their RV to any licensed repair facility in the country. However, since we have extensive experience in dealing with various Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Repair Facilities, we recommend using our RV Repair Facility Network which gives you the convenience of finding the closest RV repair facility as well as the power to check their ratings. After your visit, we encourage you to share your experience and rate the RV Repair Facility on a 1-5 scale. Sharing your first-hand knowledge may help a fellow RVer make a more confident decision on where to take their Travel Trailer or 5th In addition, many of our preferred repair facilities provide us with volume discounted pricing, allowing us to provide the most cost-effective Travel Trailer Extended Warranty and 5th Wheel Warranty programs on the market.

Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Warranties can help you take control of your RVing budget–and provide peace of mind the next time you hit the road. Request a free quote for Towable RV Warranty coverage, and one of our knowledgeable RV Warranty Specialists will be happy to tailor a program to suit your specific needs.

Are there other Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Expenses I’m not factoring into my RV Budget?

Yes, in addition to your comprehensive Travel Trailer Warranty or 5th Wheel Warranty, you’ll want to consider:

  • RV Roadside Assistance and Tire and Wheel Protection – Any RVer knows that one of the most stressful situations you can face out on the road is a blown tire, or mechanical failure that leaves you stuck on the side of the road. Alleviate these common concerns with access to a nationwide network of emergency repair facilities that will be there for you when you need them most! Tire blowouts can be as costly as they are stressful, so never leave home without great Towable RV Tire and Wheel Protection. Wholesale Warranties offers Tire and Wheel coverage packaged with the comprehensive RV Roadside Assistance every traveler needs. For more information on the Travel Trailer and 5th Wheel Tire and Wheel and Roadside Assistance programs and packages, please click here.
  • RV Insurance – When looking into your Travel Trailer or 5th Wheel Insurance Insurance it is extremely important to know the coverage, limitations, and pricing you are being offered, and compare that to the many competitive carriers on the market. At Wholesale Warranties we have you covered. We have partnered up with one of the most knowledgeable brokers in the business and used our purchasing power to negotiate the best prices on your comp and collision Towable RV Insurance. For information on the specific coverage you are looking for on your RV, request a FREE RV Insurance quote, and a member of the RV Insurance team will be happy to assist you.